The Kavçim Cement Plant is located on the 125.000 m2 area in the Bekdemir quarter, district of Samsun province, Kavak district and it is 8 km to Samsun-Ankara highway, 52 km to Samsun city center, 10 km to Kavak district center, 56 km to Samsun port and 72 to Çarşamba and Merzifon Airports km.


The factory, which was purchased on 15.07.2016, produced the first clinker on October 18, 2016 and the first cement on November 22, 2016.


1,500,000 t / year of clinker and 2,000,000 t / year, the largest in the region with a cement production capacity, Turkey is also located in one of the largest cement factory in the factory, in addition to the domestic sales already in Ghana, Georgia and cement and clinker to the countries like Russia exports.


In addition to the production line consisting of 3 crushers, 2 farina mills, 2 coal mills, 1 rotary kiln, 1 roller press and 2 cement mills, there are 40.000 tons capacity preblending, 20.000 tons capacity farin, 90.000 tons capacity clinker and 20.000 tons capacity cement stock silos .


The factory manufactures and sells CEM I 42,5R (Portland Cement), CEM II / A-L 42,5R (Portland limestone cement) and CEM II / B-L 32,5R (Portland limestone cement) together with clinker. For each of these products supplied to the market with a sustainable and quality production concept, there are "Performance Unchanging Documents" obtained from accredited organizations. Input, product and process control are carried out in laboratories equipped with modern equipment.


The factory keeps both environment and working safety precisely with its sensitive approach in environment and occupational safety. The factory, which is equipped with 53 filters for dust elimination, also receives services from a common health security unit besides its staff members in the field of OHS.


Bekdemir Mah. Yukarı Bekdemir Sk. No:53-1 55850 Kavak /SAMSUN /TÜRKİYE - Telefon +90 (362) 754 01 00(pbx) Faks +90 (362) 754 01 10

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